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The Power of the Pen and the Principles of Persuasion

David Gilley - President And Founder

“Trust is foremost., know your audience, provide solid facts and tell it all in a story form that can be felt and remembered." D.G. 

The D.GilleyGroup was founded on two key life and business principles: The Power of the Pen and the Principles of Persuasion.  

I learned early in life the power and effect of an elegant handwriting. Later, learning and incorporating the Principles of Persuasion were the foundation of success in competitive public speaking events and corporate selling.

My school teacher mother believed it was essential for me to develop an attractive handwriting. I enjoyed the practice and soon developed a style and a love of writing. It did not take long to realize the effect and appreciation expressed by those who read and retained my letters. This realization carried into my career and I experienced much success writing to prospects and customers. I learned that no form of communication was as effective.

Becoming an award winning communications professional didn't happen easily or overnight. It was the result of having a great mentor, many hours, days and weeks of intense practice; and numerous competitive events against other well trained and talented speakers. I did not realize at that time that the communication skills I was developing for the intense pressure of competitive public speaking would become my foundation for business success. Dr. Ron Burgher, my mentor-instructor, said: " first you must learn to effectively communicate: these are the "What's". And then you must learn how

to win: these are the "Why's"." The more I understood and practiced the Principles of Persuasion (the Why's) the more events I would win. My comfort zone in business was and still is my ability to make winning presentations to any size audience and also help my team members improve their presentation-winning skills.

During the course of my career my public speaking skills and my love of handwriting would prove to be my foundations. Presenting effective sales presentations would result in new business for my employers. Personally handwriting to prospects opened many doors of opportunity and later new business. I also developed a variety of marketing campaigns utilizing handwritten correspondence that achieved phenomenal results.

Today, video technology has advanced to an unbelievable level. We now have video cards and brochures capable of delivering beautiful video messages, images or whatever is preferred. Combining a video along with a handwritten card is the ultimate personalized marketing tool.

The DGilleyGroup exist to assist clients with their marketing, sales and personal career communication needs.I hope we have an opportunity to meet and allow me to hear your story. With much appreciation, David

PS: when someone opens a letter what do you think they read first?

Who Is The D.Gilley Group

The D.GilleyGroup, LLC is a premier marketing and sales communication company. Our mission and goal is to provide proven expertise and products that achieve phenomenal results with prospects and customers.  The group is a diverse team of industry leaders, an outstanding cadre of elegant handwriting experts and our very talented team of EMMY and GRAMMY-WINNING artists.

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